About Us.

Studio28 is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design firm.

Welcome Studio28.

Studio28 is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design firm founded in 1999. Architect Manish Kainth is the founder and the chief designer of STUDIO28. As a team leader he has always strived for harmony and created an equally strong esoteric ‘parallel language’ . He aims to tailor the ideas and design to suit the current needs of the present market along with providing an insight into gaining the competitive edge by utilizing the latest technology and applying modern techniques. At Studio28 we combine planning, architecture, and interior design as a single professional service to design complete environments that steward natural resources, enhance value for clients, and create communities that endure over time.We specialise in design of Private residences, apartments and corporate offices.Our forte is attention to details and customisation. Honesty to design, client satisfaction, and sustainability are the driving forces, along with the ability to constantly explore & evolve.